EasyRoute - making cable routing easy and fast!


New! EasyRoute, developed by all3D Oy, makes cable routing easy and fast!

Compatible with Aveva E3D Design 3.1 (2.1 on request).

Features included

  • Fast Routing
  • Pre-Routing
  • Multiple routes for one cable
  • Saving of Pre-Routes (Configuration based)
  • Option for Double-Back Routing
  • Fill Check option
  • Routing based on volume information (within/out specific volumes)
  • Easy preparation of routing base information
  • Mass import of cables
  • Consistency checks
  • Reporting of cable data
  • Configuration Management
  • Routing works even on cableways with missing connection refs
Cable Routing excample with EasyRoute in Aveva's Marine Sample Project.
EasyRoute – Cable Routing
EasyRoute Teaser

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